Citizen. Designer. Creator.

A sincere passion for creating solutions that solve everyday problems through the use of design and technology.

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Curious about the world around you?

Passionate about furthering design in everyday life

A plan for the form, look and workings of products and services being made or built

Services:Branding, User Experience, User Interface and Product Design

Experience:11 Years

Résumé:Revised - May 12, 2016

Education:Fashion Institute of Technology (2006)

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Inspired by the truth and those who share stories about their journey through life

Introducing An archive of thoughts, stories and journeys from around the world and some of my own

Location:West Palm Beach, FL

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Creating positive impact through design and creative solutions

Driven by bringing new and original products and services into being, that empower humans

Personal projects & creations:

Gocery (delivery app)

Gigcart (freelance app)

Equinox (personal training app)

Wishlist (shopping app)

South County (menswear branding)

The Shockoe Hotel (hotel & lounge experience)

Seattle Summit (sports branding)

Seattle Supersonics (sports branding)

Daniel Brooks Moore (personal branding)

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